Warehousing and Distribution

Retail National Supermarkets boasts of a wide offering of fresh vegetables and fruits, cheese, fresh pastries from our in-house bakeries, dairy products, quality meat products, stationery, household items, electronics, health and beauty products, baby items, and other groceries. Assurance comes from the ultimate quality of our products. Wholesale We break bulk to our many customers who have got both small and big shops. We also support small business to ensure efficient distribution of our products to remote markets. Thus, our customers get the best of our dedicated and efficient service. In our evolution thus far, we have carefully monitored wants and needs among retailers, and consumers as our customers in keeping with our position as a wholesaler at the core of the distribution chain. By drawing on our unique perspective and consolidating capabilities as a wholesaler, we identify distribution-related issues and propose optimal solutions for them. Distribution Our distribution networks are a vital part of our value chain, bringing our products to consumers. They give us an important opportunity to enhance livelihoods and drive economic growth, because they involve many small-scale distributors and retailers, including young entrepreneurs.We aim to widen economic participation by improving the incomes of seven million people served by our small-scale retailers in our distribution network, and partnerships are essential to achieve this. This is also enable by our 20 fleet of trucks in our portfolio.

For some, this is an ambition. For us, it’s a daily reality.


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