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Who we are ?

Since it is inception in 1991 National Group of Companies has been operating in Somaliland and Somalia and one of the leading front runner in our field. Our core business is in fast moving Consumer Goods both retail and wholesale, Oil and Gas. In addition to these we produce electric power using sustainable energy (Solar) production. This electric power energy, we sell to our industrial as well as domestic

Experts in niche markets

 NAGCO offers the advantage of diversification: through markets, products and geographical spreads. We are proud to house several experts in a variety of niche markets, these are: 

  • NAGCO Retail Supermarkets
  • NAGCO Wholesale Distribution
  • NAGCO Fuel Stations
  • NAGCO Properties

Quality to Customers

 Our dedication to excellence is reflected in high quality product and service standards that we have set meet and exceeded as we demand the same from our suppliers and manufacturers. We are top suppliers to many customers in Fast Moving Consumer Goods including Fuel and offer customized solutions to meet their individual needs.

Product Variety

We are the largest leading retail and wholesale on fast moving consumer, food and non-food items, electricity and fuel. Our product variety has facilitated good customer service.

Our Facilities

We own facilities and offices in Somalia/Somaliland, Ethiopia, Djibouti and United Arab Emirates. They include 6 supermarkets and 7 warehouses including 3 cold chain warehouse facilities and an office and Consolidation Warehouse located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We own a fleet of trucks to fill our supermarket demand as well us individual customers. In addition we import oil and gas for retail and wholesale. Therefore retailing fuel in 4 fuel stations. 


Solid partnerships

We build successful long-term partnerships with clients and suppliers with two clear goals in mind: to contribute to the growth of their business, and to develop a win-win for both. Some of our suppliers include International renown suppliers including Elvan Group Turkey, Almarai International Egypt, B& S Group of Companies Netherlands, Yemany Industries amongst others. 

Solid partnerships are built on trust and reliability. NAGCO develops strong, longterm partnerships with its clients, guaranteeing to provide what they need, when and where they need it.



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